Let us walk you through the recruitment process.

At Chaperone Royale, we care about and nurture long-term relationships with our candidates. We are looking for passionate people who excel in their professionalism and work ethic. By registering with our private household and domestic staff agency, you become part of our mission and share the values that give you a good chance of landing a rewarding and well-paid job.

Chaperone Royale operates as a recruitment agency, which means we do not employ or hire candidates out for a prospective employer. We also do not charge candidates any fees for registration or any other aspect of the recruitment process.

How does the recruitment process work?


Send your CV.

We only contact candidates who meet the requirements for the position.


Phone screening.

We conduct a phone interview, which usually lasts 30-45 minutes.


Job interview.

We meet in person for a recruitment interview, during which we confirm identity, verify competence and check the authenticity of the documents provided.


Selection of candidates.

We select the 2-4 best candidates.


Submission of the candidates.

We prepare a recommendation report, which we present to the client along with all other application documents.


Meeting with the client.

Invitation to a meeting with the client or PA.

Who are we looking for? Check out our job offers

We are looking for qualified and experienced candidates for the positions of:

No job offers to show.

Why cooperate with us?


We respect you and your work.

We treat our candidates as clients and appreciate the value of their work. When you make contact with our agency, you receive the chance for a long-lasting cooperation based on true values.


We are all about attractive job offers.

We know the job market and the expectations of candidates, which is the reason why each of our job opportunities offers decent employment conditions. When we accept a recruitment project, we make sure that the working hours proposed by the potential employer are balanced and that employment is always on a contract.


We offer well-paid jobs.

Our principals are demanding employers who expect no less than excellent work, but also know how to reward it in the form of the above-average salary and quite often various benefits.

Bardzo polecam. Profesjonalna pomoc w znalezieniu pracy. Współpraca z Panem Rafałem była na wysokim poziomie, w przyjemnej atmosferze. Również pomoc i wsparcie jakie otrzymywałam od Pana Rafała na każdym etapie były nieocenione. Dzięki Agencji Chaperone Royale i jej założycielowi znalazłam nie tylko świetną pracę, ale też wspaniałych ludzi. Zachęcam gorąco do korzystania z usług Chaperone Royale.

Elżbieta Ozga

Dzięki Panu Rafałowi odnalazłem swoją wymarzoną pracę. Bardzo dziękuję 🙂

Maciej Prot

Agencja godna Polecenia a Pan Rafal z bardzo dużym zaangażowaniem podchodzi do swojej profesji co wiąże się z dużym gronem osób zadowolonych po obu stronach. Zdecydowanie Rekomenduje!!


Frequently asked questions

Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about the recruitment process:

What does a private domestic staffing agency mean?

We are a recruitment agency that recruits candidates to work for private individuals.

Are you also a temporary employment agency?

No. We are solely a placement agency.

Where do you provide your services?

We provide our services throughout Poland.

Do you charge any fees for participating in the recruitment process?

No, we do not.

I sent in my CV. Why has no one contacted me?

We only contact selected candidates, i.e. candidates who meet the requirements for the position.

For many years I have been running and keeping my own house. Do I have a chance of getting a job with you as a housekeeper?

No. We only recruit housekeepers who do their job professionally and out of passion, and have adequate experience with private families. The most preferred candidates are those who have already worked in a luxury and large household.

I have many years of experience, but am not able to confirm it in any way. Do I stand a chance of finding a job with you?

No, you do not.

I like children and enjoy spending time with them. I occasionally look after my friend’s children. But I actually earn a living in a different way. Do I have a chance to register with your agency?

No. We are looking for qualified and experienced nannies who do their job out of passion and vocation.

What do you value most in candidates?

Genuine values, competence and experience.

How long does the recruitment process take?

It all depends on when we received the application and what stage we are at in the recruitment process. It can take a few days or 2-4 weeks.

What are the main stages of the recruitment process?

A telephone interview, a job interview and a meeting with the employer.

I have just been to a meeting with a potential employer? What now?

Please wait a few days and keep in touch with our agency. Please bear in mind we usually present 2-4 candidates to the client.

When I work with your agency, can I look for job offers on my own or use the services of other employment agencies?

Yes, of course.

Do you communicate with candidates via social media?

No, we do not. Please contact us by phone or email.

Do you communicate in English?

Yes, we do.

There are currently no vacancies on your website. Can I still send my CV?

Yes. Thank you for your interest in our agency. Please feel free to send your CV.

Why do you require my consent to process personal data?

We require such consent due to our country’s data protection laws.

Do you photocopy my ID card or passport when checking my identity?

No. We never photocopy these documents.

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