Services for Your Estate

Services for Your Estate is a private, tailored service for your estate provided by professional gardeners and stud staff.

Exclusive VIP services for your estate

At Chaperone Royale, we know how much you value beautiful landscapes and closeness of nature. Having a large plot of land next to your house allows you to design a garden, build a water fountain, plant vegetables and fruit, and even set up your own horse stud.

Let us introduce a private staff of professional gardeners and stud workers, our answer to your love of the environment and animals.

Why should you employ Chaperone Royale private staff?

Chaperone Royale’s private staff is made up of experienced employees who have the right knowledge and skills on how to handle the green area and care for the horses. All our candidates are passionate and positive about their work.

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Zdecydowanie polecam. Pełen profesjonalizm, zaangażowanie i skrupulatność, bardzo wysoki poziom usług.

Łukasz Wędzik

Who can you employ?

Find out what type of services we provide for your estate at our agency.

Private Gardener


Stud Farm Staff


What are the characteristics of our staff?

All candidates proposed to you go through a careful selection process.
We insist that our staff are characterised by:


We verify the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities.


We make sure that the candidate has adequate experience.


We monitor how the candidate behaves and whether he or she can demonstrate good manners.


We check that the candidate is a restrained and discreet person.

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