Services for You

Services for You is a personal, bespoke service provided by professional assistants.

Exclusive VIP services for you

Our services for you were designed to cater for your personal life. We want you to experience more comfort, protect your privacy and save precious time.

Chaperone Royale’s private staff comprises employees who perform their duties with a positive approach. Our staff candidates have the unique quality of focusing on meeting their client’s needs. With such great people nearby, you can easily concentrate on your work, take care of yourself, develop your passions, relax or simply spend time with your relatives and friends.

Why should you employ Chaperone Royale private staff?

We seek out the most competent people who are characterised by discretion and propriety. During the recruitment and selection process, we pay careful attention to the candidates’ behaviour and values they live by. At Chaperone Royale, we believe that only candidates of value are worthy of your trust.

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Bardzo dobra znajomość branży oraz potrzeb klientów, dzięki czemu rekrutacja zakończyła się pełnym sukcesem. Profesjonalizm, skrupulatność i kultura osobista na bardzo wysokim poziomie. Do tego wszystko w miłej atmosferze. Szczerze polecam!

Dominika K.

Who can you employ?

Find out what type of services we provide for you at our agency.

Personal Assistant


Personal Trainer


Personal Stylist


Personal Bodyguard


Private Chauffeur


Private Yacht Captain


Private Stewardess


Private Helicopter Pilot


What are the characteristics of our staff?

All candidates proposed to you go through a careful selection process.
We insist that our staff are characterised by:


We verify the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities.


We make sure that the candidate has adequate experience.


We monitor how the candidate behaves and whether he or she can demonstrate good manners.


We check that the candidate is a restrained and discreet person.

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dr Rafał Zyskowski

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