Services for Your Household

Services for Your Household is a private, bespoke service for your mansion provided by professional household and domestic staff.

Exclusive VIP services for your household

At Chaperone Royale, we are aware that a beautiful mansion, villa or large apartment symbolizes luxury, which few people can afford. The available space creates perfect conditions for a range of amenities and solutions to suit you and your lifestyle.

For the sake of your comfort, well-being and valuable time, we present a private household and domestic staff who will take care of smooth and trouble-free running of your luxury property. Our exclusive domestic staff will make it a place of true rest and relaxation for you and your loved ones.

Why should you employ Chaperone Royale private staff?

Chaperone Royale’s private household and domestic staff is made up of professionals who are able to adapt quickly and perform their duties properly in a large house of very high standard. Our candidates usually have experience of working for wealthy and well-known clients, making the term of discretion no stranger to them.

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Polecam wszystkim, którzy szukają wyspecjalizowanego personelu oraz tym, którzy posiadając odpowiednie kwalifikacje chcą podjąć pracę, która zaspokoi ich oczekiwania. Współpraca z Panem Rafałem przebiega w profesjonalnej atmosferze, którą osobiście bardzo sobie cenię.

Michał Pawlukiewicz

Who can you employ?

Find out what type of services we provide for your household at our agency.

House Manager








Domestic Waiter


Domestic Couple


Private Chef


Private Art Keeper


What are the characteristics of our staff?

All candidates proposed to you go through a careful selection process.
We insist that our staff are characterised by:


We verify the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities.


We make sure that the candidate has adequate experience.


We monitor how the candidate behaves and whether he or she can demonstrate good manners.


We check that the candidate is a restrained and discreet person.

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