Butler provides professional service to all household members in their private luxury mansion.


A Butler is a symbol of prestige and luxury. He holds the most important position in the hierarchy of private domestic staff and his responsibilities vary depending on the client’s requirements, the area of the house and the number of domestic staff.

The butler’s primary task is to provide professional and personal service to his client and his family. He meets their needs and responds to their requests as they wish. He is in charge of planning and organising daily meals or any occasional parties. He makes sure that the table is set with great elegance and their meal is served at the appointed time. He serves food and drinks together with domestic waiters. If a need arises, he selects and serves wine from his client’s private wine cellar. Over the course of the day, he answers the phone, checks mail, welcomes and attends to guests, or brings some coffee and sweet treats to the client. He cares for the flawless performance and effective cooperation of all domestic staff members.

What qualities and skills does a Butler have?

Client orientation

Bon ton

Flexibility and availability

Reserve and discretion

Chaperone Royale Butler – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Butler is fully focused on meeting his client’s needs according to his expectations.

He is an extremely flexible and readily available person who gracefully carries out his duties following the principles of bon ton. He understands that he is a kind of showcase for his employer, which is why he also takes care of his appearance and manners. He is very knowledgeable about different food products, dishes, beverages, liquors and even cigars, so he can advise his employer and take care of his private pantry, wine cellar, liquor bar or cigar collection. The butler respects and genuinely cares for his client’s privacy. Given the nature of his work, he stays reserved and maintains complete discretion.

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