Domestic Couple

Domestic Couple provides comprehensive running and housekeeping for your luxury household.

Domestic Couple

A Domestic Couple comprises most commonly a married couple who perform their domestic chores on the grounds of a client’s private household.

A female housekeeper maintains tidiness and cleanliness within the client’s home. She cooks meals according to a predetermined menu and sets and serves the table. If deemed necessary, she shops for groceries or some household articles. Sometimes, she is also requested to look after animals. A male housekeeper acts as caretaker, handyman, driver and gardener. He is responsible for the external appearance and condition of the household, and also for the tidiness and cleanliness of the property. A pair of housekeepers suport each other in their duties so that the household functions smoothly. Whilst their employer is away, they ensure caretaking and security of the household.

What qualities and skills does a Domestic Couple have?

Responsibility and honesty

Teamwork skills



Chaperone Royale Domestic Couple – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Domestic Couple is a professional housekeeping couple with several years of experience working in private households.

They are known for their good physical fitness, full commitment and reliability. They have adequate knowledge and skills for their assigned duties. The female housekeeper knows the principles of healthy eating, can cook tasty meals and bake different cakes. She also has considerable experience in keeping home clean and tidy. The male housekeeper is able to take care of faults and basic maintenance both inside and outside the household. He can handle plastering, painting, mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, cleaning the pool or fountain, raking leaves and shovelling snow.

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