Domestic Waiter

Domestic Waiter provides professional waiting service to all household members and visiting guests.

Domestic Waiter

A Domestic Waiter serves all family mambers and any invited guests inside or outside the client’s home. In fact, it may be necessary to employ him when his client’s family is quite large and the householder frequently hosts various social gatherings, business meetings or receptions.

The Domestic Waiter lays the table caring about every detail of its decor. He selects the right colour of a tablecloth and napkins, correctly arranges the crockery and cutlery, replenishes the sugar bowl as well as salt and pepper shakers. To set the mood, he places flowers in a vase and turns on music that suits the occasion. He always greets the family members with a smile on his face and a kind word. If a need arises, he helps an elderly family member sit at the table. He smoothly serves dishes and drinks whilst always following the etiquette for waiters. During the meal, he responds to requests and meets the needs of all people by the table. At the end, he clears and cleans the table.

What qualities and skills does a Domestic Waiter have?

Courtesy and appearance

Etiquette for waiters

VIP client service


Chaperone Royale Domestic Waiter – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Domestic Waiter is a professional waiter with a well-groomed appearance, a good posture and a positive disposition.

He is characterised by a thorough knowledge of the waiter’s savoir-vivre and VIP client service, which means he communicates with the client only when it is necessary, displays exquisite manners and manages to be as unobtrusive as possible. He knows in which order and from which side to serve dishes, in what way to offer wine or how to collect dirty dishes. Our candidate comes with adequate experience, the ability to work in a team and under pressure, and distinctive propriety.

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