Exclusive Nanny

Exclusive Nanny provides comprehensive care for your young child.

Exclusive Nanny

An Exclusive Nanny takes care of the client’s child generally until it is ready to attend kindergarten, which is up to the age of 3. This arrangement allows parents more time and freedom in their lives.

The Exclusive Nanny looks after the young child during the client’s absence or inattention by focusing all her attention on it. She spends time with it always being mindful of its health and safety. She skilfully plans each day considering the child’s nap and meal times and also her employer’s lifestyle. She cooks meals according to the nutrition guidelines set by her client, such as BLW (baby-led weaning), and assists the child with eating. She also helps it with its personal hygiene so that it is always clean and well cared for. The nanny works on the child’s proper intellectual, emotional and motor development and remembers to tidy the place after herself and the child.

What qualities and skills does an Exclusive Nanny have?

Responsibility and patience

Education and experience

Knowledge of nutrition


Chaperone Royale Exclusive Nanny – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Exclusive Nanny has a thorough knowledge and unparalleled skills in caring for a young child. She owes this to her high education, usually with a degree in Early Childhood and Pre-school Education, Obstetrics or Nursing; and her many years of experience working with children. She works with a vocation, passion and love for children, which is reflected in the way she approaches and spends time with them. Each of our candidates demonstrates punctuality, good manners and a proven knowledge of pre-medical first aid.

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VIP Nanny

A VIP Nanny is a trained nanny who has experience working for wealthy and well-known people in Poland or abroad.

She is distinguished by high flexibility, availability and the ability to exercise discretion. She is able to adapt her professional life to the lifestyle of her VIP client, such as looking after a child at different places and times (travelling by car, staying in a hotel or on the board of a private yacht). The VIP Nanny respects and accepts her client’s way of life. She is fully oriented to their needs and expectations.

Nanny vs Babysitter

It is very common to use the words nanny and babysitter interchangeably even though nanny means more of a person who looks after children up to 3 or 4 years old, whereas babysitter provides care for children above this age.

Out of consideration for your needs and the highest quality care and growth of your child, Chaperone Royale offers several types of nannies and babysitters:

  • Bilingual Nannyan exclusive nanny who has two mother tongues, for instance Polish and Chinese, Polish and English
  • Rota Nanny – an exclusive nanny who takes care of a child 24 hours a day on a rotational basis: 7 days on, 7 days off
  • Supernanny – exclusive nanny and housekeeper in one
  • Babysitter for a child in pre-school age
  • Babysitter for a school-age child
  • Babysitter for a child with special needs

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