Governess is entrusted with the care, education and upbringing of your child.


A Governess acts as a private nanny, tutor and educator of a pre-school or early school-aged child. Her workplace is a priavte household of the client.

The Governess takes care of the child and organises its day as expected by the parents. She promotes the child’s proper intellectual, emotional and motor development through educational and artistic activities, entertainment, games, reading books, gymnastics, walks, excursions and rest. It helps the child to learn school subjects and a foreign language (usually English or French), and develops its art and music skills. She teaches the child to become fully independent, develops its potential and fosters its self-esteem. She also makes every effort to ensure that the child has learnt the principles of savoir-vivre. She pays attention its wording, appearance, table manners, posturę and even the way it walks.

What qualities and skills does a Governess have?

Passion for teaching



Bon ton

Chaperone Royale Governess – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Governess is a professional and experienced governess with particular subject-related and teaching skills.

She is a neat, elegant and composed person. She is mindful of her behaviour at every step and she follows the rules of etiquette. She recognises that having spent so much time with her pupil, she stands as a role model for them. When working with a child, she demonstrates poise, forbearance and full commitment. This stems from her genuine enthusiasm for teaching and her calling to work with children.

As an added bonus, our candidate is familiar with pre-medical first aid, holds a driving license and typically has her own car.

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