House Manager

House Manager provides comprehensive management of your luxury household.

House Manager

A House Manager is responsible for professional cooperation and supervision of all members of the household and domestic staff. He also ensures tidiness, aesthetics and maintenance of the client’s luxury house.

The House Manager makes sure that the house always looks neat, and that all its components function properly. In case there is a need for a repair or major renovation, she contracts a certain company and coordinates their work. She deals with all adminstrative matters of the property and regularly pays household bills such as utilities, internet, rubbish collection, insurance, property tax or air conditioning check-up. She handles the client’s correspondence and shops for all necessary items for the house. On her employer’s request, she helps him to host a family gathering or a celebration party at home.

What qualities and skills does a House Manager have?

Client orientation

Organisational skills

Interpersonal skills

Good manners

Chaperone Royale House Manager – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale House Manager is a professional manager of a sizeable luxury private household who has experience working for private families or in a similar position – most often in the hospitality industry.

She is characterised by assertiveness, accuracy, accountability and discretion. She proudly boasts a university degree and many skills such as interpersonal skills, organisational skills, team management and work under pressure. These allow her to execute her duties effectively according to the client’s expectations. Our candidate also pays particular attention to her demeanour and attitude towards people as well as work.

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