Housekeeper keeps your home tidy and clean.


A Housekeeper’s primary responsibility is to keep all rooms of the client’s private household neat and tidy.

The housekeeper does all domestic chores, which include laundry, ironing, folding and arranging clothes in a wardrobe, washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning windows and taking out trash. She takes care of the household potted plants as recommended by the client and provides fresh flowers for the table. She operates the intercom, collects a parcel from the courier or feeds the fish in the aquarium. She makes sure that no grocery products needed to prepare meals are missing in the kitchen. Occasionally she is requested to cook basic meals – usually lunches. She provides all household members with assistance in situations requiring urgent attention.

What qualities and skills does a Housekeeper have?

Responsibility and reliability

Sense of order and cleanliness

Work organisational skills


Chaperone Royale Housekeeper – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Housekeeper is a professional housekeeper with experience of working in private households of different sizes and standards.

She performs her duties with utmost commitment and accuracy. She treats her work seriously as it is her full-time profession – not an occasional job. She is characterised by a natural sense of order and cleanliness and a rare attribute which is an affinity for cleaning. Our housekeepers truly enjoy their work. It brings them a lot of pleasure when everything around them is well-kept.

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VIP Housekeeper

At our agency, we are recruiting candidates for the position of Housekeeper who can boast experience of working for VIP clients in their private homes.

These are usually luxury mansions, villas or apartments of considerable size and high standard. Our candidates have a thorough knowledge of cleaning products and methods for different surfaces and objects. They know how to take care of Hermès tableware, maintain marble in the lobby, granite in the bathroom or wooden furniture in the living room; and clean works of art such as paintings or vases. In addition, they have the ability to handle high-end clothes, shoes and accessories of luxury brands, such as Sylwia Romaniuk evening dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes or Louis Vuitton handbag.

Our candidates are marked by a positive attitude towards work, propriety, tact and discretion.

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