Housemaid keeps all rooms in your home clean and tidy.


A Housemaid is solely concerned with keeping your luxury household clean and tidy. Her scope of duties is smaller compared to the position of housekeeper.

The Housemaid does laundry, ironing, changing bed linen, making beds, arranging pillows, folding and arranging clothes in a wardrobe, airing rooms, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning windows and removing rubbish. At times, her duties also involve washing up and polishing dishes and cutlery. The housemaid focuses only on the areas inside the client’s private home.

What qualities and skills does a Housemaid have?

Fondness for order

Sense of order and cleanliness

Knowledge of detergents and cleaning methods


Chaperone Royale Housemaid – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Housemaid is a professional domestic maid with many years of experience working in luxury private households and exclusive hotels.

Her extensive experience and knowledge of various detergents and cleaning products allows her to carry out her duties in a manner expected by the employer. She is a reliable, conscientious and organised person. She is charachterised by a natural passion for her work originating from a fondness for tidiness. Each candidate has a minimum of a secondary school diploma, a positive attitude to work and the ability to remain discreet.

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