Personal Bodyguard

Personal Bodyguard will ensure your comfort and safety.

Personal Bodyguard

A Personal Bodyguard plays a pivotal role in the life of his client as he looks after his health and life. It is a type of profession that is both demanding and responsible.

The main duty of the personal bodyguard is to provide private protection to his client. He escorts him on his trips, travels to work and meetings and, on his return, he keeps guard by his household. The personal bodyguard always acts preventively and thinks in a strategic way, which means he primarily tries to avoid potentially dangerous situations, selects the best method of personal protection for his client and takes various scenarios into account. In situations of imminent danger, he demonstrates a prompt and appropriate response under the circumstances.

What qualities and skills does a Personal Bodyguard have?

Strong character

Physical fitness

Second degree licence


Chaperone Royale Personal Bodyguard – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Personal Bodyguard is a professional private security guard with specialised certification and a minimum of several years of experience in the same job position. Each of our candidates is characterised by excellent physical condition, reflexes and stress resistance, as well as having skills in self-defence, shooting and pre-medical first aid.

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VIP Personal Bodyguard

A VIP Personal Bodyguard is a licensed bodyguard with many years of experience in the private protection of billionaires, CEOs, politicians or film stars. Our candidates are usually former military, police or SOP officers (also former BOR) who are well educated and trained to perform their duties in the area of VIP personal protection. The VIP Personal Bodyguard is characterised particularly by composure, the ability to think logically and make quick decisions, responsibility and discretion.

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