Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist is your private fashion and style advisor.

Personal Stylist

A Personal Stylist helps you find your personal style and create an attractive image.

The Personal Stylist manages the client’s wardrobe while keeping it neat and tidy. She keeps only those clothes which are in great condition and are actually used by the client. If necessary, she can do some simple tailoring alterations. She arranges all clean and ironed clothes by type and colour so that the wardrobe looks aesthetically pleasing and the clothes are easy to find. She assists the client with shopping or sometimes does it for them, making sure all items suit his figure and highlight his best features. When going to an upcoming business meeting, to the opera or a party with friends, she provides guidance on dressing style so that he feels both comfortable and looks stylish.

What qualities and skills does a Personal Stylist have?

Sense of style and aesthetics


Knowledge and experience

Communication skills

Chaperone Royale Personal Stylist – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Personal Stylist is passionate about fashion and is familiar with its current trends. She has an unparalelled sense of style and an extensive knowledge of different fabrics. She is able to combine materials, colours and various accessories to suit his body build and the occasion. Our personal stylist is distinguished by exemplary manners, great networking skills and a client-focused approach.

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VIP Personal Stylist

At Chaperone Royale we recruit candidates who have already worked for very wealthy people, stars and celebrities in Poland. The VIP Personal Stylist also has experience working with fashion designers and other people in the fashion industry. She knows the location of many luxury fashion designer clothing, shoe and acessory shops and, importantly, knows how to handle them so that they serve the client for a long period of time. She is characterised by bon ton, discretion and availability.

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