Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer will take care of your physical condition and posture.

Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer looks after his client’s motivation, fitness, posture and eating habits in private training sessions. Such trainings normally take place in the comfort of the client’s home, which is great convenience as it allows complete privacy.

The Personal Trainer takes an individual approach to his employer. Being familiar with his diet, health condition and lifestyle, he can create an optimal workout plan and suggest proper diet changes. During training sessions, he devotes his full attention. He makes sure that the client performs all exercises in a safe and correct manner. In addition, he supports and motivates him to accomplish his goal.

What qualities and skills does a Personal Trainer have?

Client orientation

Knowledge and experience

Motivational skills

Communication skills

Chaperone Royale Personal Trainer – what is important to us?

The Chaperone Royale Personal Trainer has an impressive professional track record and relevant qualifications most often in the form of a degree in physical education.

He demonstrates knowledge of different types of training equipment, methods of training, principles of nutrition and basic medical knowledge. He is characterised by a passion for his profession, which results in a high and positive load of energy that he shares with others in trainings. His excellent build and physical condition are a strong source of motivation to achieve better results.

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VIP Personal Trainer

At Chaperone Royale, we understand how much you value quality and privacy. Our agency recruits the best personal trainers who are specialists in their field. We only recruit candidates who are professional and experienced athletes. We provide trainers with different specialisations such as bodybuilding, athletics and pilates. When you hire our personal trainer, you gain comfort and protect your privacy.

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