Private Art Keeper

Private Art Keeper takes professional care of your private art collection.

Private Art Keeper

A Private Art Keeper manages the client’s private works of art and various objects of great value.

His primary task is to look after the best possible condition of paintings, drawings, posters, vases, sculptures, books, manuscripts or ceramics. He assists him with his proper day-to-day upkeep, and puts him in touch with a professional art conservator if restoration work is needed. He advises the client on where to store his valuable pieces and how to protect them from damage and theft. He keeps him informed about potential buyers or sellers of artworks. As an art expert, he makes sure that the offered specimen is authentic and worth of consideration by his employer. He helps him to negotiate, settle and arrange all documents for the transaction.

What qualities and skills does a Private Art Keeper have?

Responsibility and honesty

Knowledge of art.

Knowledge of the art market


Chaperone Royale Private Art Keeper – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Private Art Keeper is a professional art expert with a university degree and extensive experience in his field.

Our candidate is distinguished by a genuine love of art, honesty and discretion. He treats his work responsibly because he is aware of the value that a work of art represents to his employer. He demonstrates a thorough knowledge of art and a general knowledge of conservation techniques. He takes an interest in the latest trends, attends exhibitions, initiates contact with promising artists and liaises with auction houses.

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