Private Caregiver

Private Caregiver provides care and suport for an elderly person in their daily life.

Private Caregiver

A Private Caregiver plays a responsible and demanding role in the life of your elderly family member. He carries out his duties in the senior’s private household.

The Private Caregiver looks after his client by assisting or supporting him in many different activities of everyday life. He cares for his personal hygiene, helps him dress, cooks simple meals in accordance with the specified diet and keeps the home generally tidy and clean. He is always very mindful of the senior’s health and safety. He administers prescribed medicine to him on a timely basis, helps him get around the house safely or calls for medical assistance in case of emergency. He keeps his client company and provides emotional suport to enhance his mood and boost his energy levels. He goes for walks with him, watches TV together or simply has a chat. He is an invaluable asset.

What qualities and skills does a Private Caregiver have?



Physical fitness


Chaperone Royale Private Caregiver – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Private Caregiver is a private elder care caregiver who is characterised by emotional maturity, responsibility and an appropriate attitude. He takes great satisfaction in interacting and working for the elderly.

Our candidate typically holds a university degree in Physiotherapy, Nursing, Emegency Medical Care, Psychology or Pedagogy; and has a minimum of several years’ experience in the same or similar position.

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