Private Chauffeur

Private Chauffeur means convenience and more available time.

Private Chauffeur

A Private Chauffeur looks after the client’s professional and safe transport. He drops him off and picks him up from a place of work, a business meeting, a party or from the airport after a long and tiring trip.

Out of concern for his comfort, he opens and closes the car door and assists him with loading and unloading his personal belongings. In his spare time, he ensures that there is enough fuel in a petrol tank and monitors the vehicle’s technical condition. The Private Chauffeur is fully aware that he and the luxury car he drives are the showcase of his employer. Therefore, he always takes care of his own personal hygiene, clean-cut looks and the elegant appearance of the vehicle.

What qualities and skills does a Private Chauffeur have?

Patience and composure

Client orientation

Good manners


Chaperone Royale Private Chauffeur – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Private Chauffeur is a professional personal driver who is qualified and experienced in the same position.

He can provide a smooth and stress-free transport thanks to his ability to focus for long periods of time, his composure, patience and ability to properly assess the situation and react quickly. In the event of a mechanical defect, he is usually able to repair it himself owing to his knowledge and skills in car mechanics. Our chauffeur is characterised by a client-oriented attitude, impeccable manners, reticence and discretion.

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VIP Private Chauffeur

At Chaperone Royale, we recruit competent private chauffeurs with considerable experience of working for VIP clients.

What makes our candidates stand out are their good looks, reflexes, control over emotions, outstanding knowledge and skills in driving luxury (Rolls-Royce, Bentley) and premium brand cars (Mercedes, Porsche, BMW). They are characterised by self-control and discretion. They communicate with the client only when they are spoken to or in a situation requiring a response from the client. Out of respect for the client, themselves and their profession, they keep all information they hear or situations they observe to themselves. The VIP Private Chauffeur is always available, punctual and ready to meet his client needs.

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