Private Chef

Private Chef prepares meals for all household members in accordance with their expectations.

Private Chef

A Private Chef provides top-quality dining experience to family members and any invited guests in the client’s private home.

The Private Chef cooks daily meals according to a predetermined family menu. He makes sure dishes look elegant and are prepared based on healthy eating principles or a special diet. He performs his duties with attention to hygiene and safety. He also remembers about proper treatment and use of the available kitchen appliances and accessories. In the meantime, he can find time for food shopping and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.

What qualities and skills does a Private Chef have?

Passion for cooking

Knowledge of different cuisines

Culinary skills


Chaperone Royale Private Chef – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Private Chef is a professional cook with outstanding culinary skills and rich experience working in private homes and high-end restaurants.

Our candidate showcases a genuine passion for cooking, which results in an enthusiastic approach to his work. It is a source of great pleasure for him when he manages to satisfy the most discerning palates. He has a great knowledge of Polish and international cuisine, various food products, healthy nutrition, and health and safety rules. Each candidate demonstrates good manners, tact and discretion.

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VIP Private Chef

Chaperone Royale is recruiting qualified candidates for the position of Private Chef who have had at least a few years of hands-on experience with VIP clients.

Our candidate has experience working in luxury households of very wealthy and well-known people, and also in fine dining restaurants in Poland and around the world. Each candidate is a high-class chef who has perfected his skills alongside famous chefs.

The VIP Private Chef always focuses on his client’s needs and performs his duties to the best of his ability. Client satisfaction and top-quality work are his priority. Our candidate has a reputation for being polite, well-mannered and discreet.

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