Private Gardener

Private Gardener takes care of the upkeep and cultivation of the green area on your private estate.

Private Gardener

A Private Gardener does all the gardening and maintenance work within the green area.

He looks after the client’s garden with the visual aspect of the place in mind. He makes sure that the soil is in good condition and properly watered. He mows the lawn, weeds and fertilises the vegetable garden, plants various types of flowers and decorative plants, and also trims shrubs, hedges and trees. He constantly monitors the condition of the greenery and carries out tasks that provide them with protection and create appropriate vegetation conditions. He orders and purchases all necessary tools, equipment, seedlings or seeds. He also keeps clean water in fountains or ponds. In autumn he rakes and collects leaves, and in winter he shovels snow.

What qualities and skills does a Private Gardener have?

Sense of aesthetics


Horticultural knowledge

Physical fitness and condition

Chaperone Royale Private Gardener – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Private Gardener is a professional and experienced gardener with a natural affinity for nature and gardening.

Our candidate exhibits a sense of aesthetics and harmony, imagination, and creativity. He handles his duties with patience and full dedication. He possesses an an excellent knowledge of horticulture, vegetable gardening, floriculture and arboriculture. Moreover, the skills of organic gardening, basic landscaping or simple historical garden reconstruction are no stranger to him. He can operate gardening equipment and different tools using safety precautions. Generally, our candidate holds a degree in horticulture from a vocational school.

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