Private Helicopter Pilot

Private Helicopter Pilot ensures your safe and comfortable flight in a private helicopter.

Private Helicopter Pilot

A Private Helicopter Pilot is in charge of the professional operation and piloting of the client’s private helicopter. His most important duty is to provide his employer with safe and stress-free air transport at stated time.

The Private Helicopter Pilot picks up his client form a designated location, such as a private estate or a landing pad on a private yacht, and takes him to his destination. He skilfully and carefully plans each flight taking into account the distance, time and prevailing weather conditions at the location. Before departure, he dutifully checks the technical condition of the machine and the fuel level in the tank. Additionally, he is required to keep records of the machine’s condition and keep a log of all the flights.

What qualities and skills does a Private Helicopter Pilot have?

Excellent health

Composure and responsibility

CPL(H) pilot license

At least 10 years of experience

Chaperone Royale Private Helicopter Pilot – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Private Helicopter Pilot exhibits unparalleled practical helicopter flying skills and vast knowledge of aircraft construction, aviation regulations, navigation, meteorology, communications and flight rules.

Our candidate holds the required qualifications in the form of Commercial Pilot Licence for Helicopters (CPL(H)) and has many years of experience in the same or a similar position. We only recruit candidates who are able to prove their very good health condition in the form of a valid aeromedical certificate. Each candidate has also passed ICAO Level 4 test, which is an English test required for operational use as a helicopter pilot.

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VIP Private Helicopter Pilot

Chaperone Royale is searching for qualified candidates for the position of Private Helicopter Pilot who take pride in experience working for some of the wealthiest people in the country. Our candidates have encountered VIP clients in their lives, so they know how to interact and behave in their presence. They display impeccable manners and a client-focused attitude. They truly respect the privacy of their employer and understand how much it means to them.

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