Private Yacht Captain

Prywatny Kapitan Jachtowy dba o komfort i Private Yacht Captain ensures your comfort and safety when cruising in a private yacht.

Private Yacht Captain

A Private Yacht Captain is the most important member of the yacht crew who is in charge of running his client’s private luxury boat on inland and offshore waters.

The Private Yacht Captain personally agrees with the client the route and duration of the planned sailing. Before setting sail, he is obliged to check the equipment and the vessel’s technical condition, and make sure that the navigational and meteorological conditions allow for a safe voyage. His task is also to recruit and manage a competent crew, which, depending on the size of the vessel, amounts to several or even dozens of people.

What qualities and skills does a Private Yacht Captain have?

Yacht captain license

Knowledge and experience

Composure and responsibility

Team management

Chaperone Royale Private Yacht Captain – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Private Yacht Captain has all the required qualifications and extensive experience in steering luxury yachts of various lengths.

He demonstrates special helming skills and a thorough knowledge of sailing directions, navigation, meteorology, regulations and rescue, which enable him to navigate and manoeuvre safely in many kinds of waters. He is characterised by composure, prudence, precaution and discretion.

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Private Yacht Crew

For your complete comfort, our luxury domestic staffing agency also provides recruitment services for additional private yacht crew positions.

A private luxury yacht, especially one with a length of more than 20 metres, requires competent crew who will take care of every detail for an enjoyable and safe cruise. Upon your request, we can deal with recruiting professional crew with relevant experience for the positions of: First Mate, Bosun, Deckhand, Mechanic, Private Yacht Stewardess and Private Yacht Chef.

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