Stud Farm Staff

Stud Farm Staff take care of horses and smooth operation of the stud on your estate.

Stud Farm Staff

At our agency, we offer two kinds of employees who play an important role in a private stud farm: Horsekeeper and Stableman.

A Horsekeeper, who is sometimes referred to as horse caretaker or horseman, manages his client’s private stud farm, looks after his horses and supervises other stud workers. He is concerned with the horses’ health and pysical condition, so he keeps a close eye on them at all times and provides them with professional vet care. He makes sure the horses are clean and well-groomed. He is also responsible for their training: break in, ground training and dressage.

A Stableman is in charge of feeding and watering the horses, which means providing them with nutritious feed and clean water. He looks after their hygiene by combing their coat with brushes and scrapers, grooming their hooves and giving them regular baths. It i salso his job to take the horses out onto the paddock and bring them in at a certain time. He maintains order and cleanliness both in the box stalls and in the rest of the stable.

What qualities and skills do Stud Farm Staff have?

Passion for horses

Horse-riding skills

Physical fitness and condition


Chaperone Royale Stud Farm Staff – what is important to us?

Chaperone Royale Stud Farm comprise professional and experienced horsekeepers and stablemen with a real passion for horses and horse riding.

The horsekeeper has extensive knowledge of horse breeding, training, care and nutrition; and excellent horse-riding skills. He can administer first aid, put on a dressing or assist a vet at birth. He is a horse lover who executes his duties with commitment and responsibility.

The stableman, on the other hand, has a positive attitude to work, is hardworking and reliable. He is very knowledgeable about feeding and grooming horses, so the animals are properly fed, watered and their coats stay strong and shiny.

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