Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant means convenience and more available time.

Personal Assistant

A private Personal Assistant, sometimes referred to as a PA, is an intermediary and often the right hand of her employer, which makes it a very prestigious yet responsible job position.

The Personal Assistant contacts and copes with clients on matters which do not require the employer’s direct attention. She makes doctor’s appointments, arranges meetings with clients and books a table at his favourite restaurant. She takes care of comprehensive travel arrangements domestically and abroad. When the need arises, she purchases flowers and gifts for his daughter’s birthday, has the air conditioning at his home repaired, and in the meantime checks the post, sends a registered mail and pays the household bills.

What qualities and skills does a private Personal Assistant have?

Client orientation

Interpersonal skills

Proactivity and flexibility

Work organisation

Chaperone Royale Personal Assistant – what is important to us?

The Chaperone Royale Personal Assistant is able to effectively manage the client’s calendar and his daily schedule. She is a well-educated person who is constantly looking to develop herself, with excellent soft skills and relevant experience in the same or a similar position. She is characterised by impeccable manners, vigorousness, positive work attitude and advanced knowledge of at least one foreign language. She is usually in possession of a driving licence and her own car.

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Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant

Our clients are often the founders of large and thriving companies, who parallelly occupy the most important role in the company such as CEO, managing director or chairman of the board.

For the sake of our entrepreneurial clients, Chaperone Royale also recruits qualified private assistants to suport their employers in the company. Unlike a private Personal Assistant, an Executive Assistant, or EA, primarily arranges business meetings, takes notes and writes reports. She acts a liaison with other directors, managers or board members, manages selected company documentation, and correspondence, organises and accounts for business travel expenses, and even supplies the employer’s office with essential stationery.

Executive Assistant is a role that requires a top level education (preferably in a business or management-related field), several years of experience in the same or a similar position, business maturity and a professional approach to her duties.

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